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  My Takes are like one-person debates. I take a random thing, I break it down, and I give my opinion about it. Get it? Got it? Good. 

 So Universal is, once again, constructing a new ride, which means, once again, another one will bite the dust. This time, TWISTER....Ride It Out, will be performing it's last show on November 2 to make way for... 
Here's what we know: the ride will open in 2017 and it is a possibility that it will use the same technology as Soarin' at EPCOT. The full article on the Universal Blog is HERE. If you were too lazy to read the full thing (get it together, dude), here's the part that pretty much spewed out details:
"So, what’s the attraction going to be like? I can’t tell you everything, but I can tell you our team found inspiration in the outrageous celebrity races that have become one of the most popular segments of Jimmy’s Tonight Show. The source material already features a wild and crazy ride almost every week! And since Universal Studios Florida has long been famous for placing guests in the middle of their favorite movies and TV shows, we thought it was a perfect fit." 
And there you go. Now, I absolutely LOVE "Tonight". It's one of my all-time favorite TV shows and I watch it almost every night. But I think this is an odd idea for two reasons. First, TWISTER is a classic attraction. A really cheap attraction, but a classic one nonetheless. It seems to me Universal is throwing away all of their classic rides, like what happened with DISASTER and Jaws (God rest their souls). Why is this? Second, I can't help but to think how lame it would be for a ride to be based on a talk show. Sure, it's a comedy, but I think the only connection to Jimmy's show and this ride - besides the celebrity race thing - is him narrating it. Once again, I enjoy the idea, but USO could've gone further. This is all my opinion and mine alone, so don't hate. One more thing before I go for comic relief; remember the LAST time Fallon hosted a theme park attraction?

See you next time, thanks for reading!

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