Sunday, November 29, 2015

It's Photo Time! - Disney's Hollywood Studios

Welcome aboard the crazy train, and as always, I'll be your conductor! 
   I literally just got back in town from an AWESOME three-and-one-half day long trip to Orlando for Thanksgiving week, and I had an awesome time, except crowds were kinda bad... but then again, I got some awesome shots! Here are some star-studded pictures of the Studios!
The Hollywood Tower (of Terror) Hotel

Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights

Toy Story Midway Mania queue sign

Rock 'N' Roller Coaster

Muppets Gift Shop (Elmo eats people apparently)

Sunday, November 1, 2015

My Take on Jimmy Fallon's Ride Coming to Universal

Hello, my fellow webheads, and welcome to another update!
   So Universal is, once again, constructing a new ride, which means, once again, another one will bite the dust. This time, TWISTER....Ride It Out, will be performing it's last show on November 2 to make way for... 
Here's what we know: the ride will open in 2017 and it is a possibility that it will use the same technology as Soarin' at EPCOT. The full article on the Universal Blog is HERE. If you were too lazy to read the full thing (get it together, dude), here's the part that pretty much spewed out details:
"So, what’s the attraction going to be like? I can’t tell you everything, but I can tell you our team found inspiration in the outrageous celebrity races that have become one of the most popular segments of Jimmy’s Tonight Show. The source material already features a wild and crazy ride almost every week! And since Universal Studios Florida has long been famous for placing guests in the middle of their favorite movies and TV shows, we thought it was a perfect fit." 
And there you go. Now, I absolutely LOVE "Tonight". It's one of my all-time favorite TV shows and I watch it almost every night. But I think this is an odd idea for two reasons. First, TWISTER is a classic attraction. A really cheap attraction, but a classic one nonetheless. It seems to me Universal is throwing away all of their classic rides, like what happened with DISASTER and Jaws (God rest their souls). Why is this? Second, I can't help but to think how lame it would be for a ride to be based on a talk show. Sure, it's a comedy, but I think the only connection to Jimmy's show and this ride - besides the celebrity race thing - is him narrating it. Once again, I enjoy the idea, but USO could've gone further. This is all my opinion and mine alone, so don't hate. One more thing before I go for comic relief; remember the LAST time Fallon hosted a theme park attraction?

See you next time, thanks for reading!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

A Spooky Halloween Review... It's Spooky! :D

After about a month-long hiatus, I'm back! And that's a good thing, despite your thoughts!
   Fall is upon us, and to celebrate that, I had the privilege to visit Howl-O-Scream at Busch Gardens Tampa. It was my first time at the event, and I had a great time! There was barely a wait for ANYTHING, the food was delicious, and pretty much everything about the event is spot-on! The coolest part is, instead of the chicken I usually am, I went through all seven houses! And today, I'm bringing to you...


  1. Unearthed - Scarlett's Revenge: This was by far my favorite house. The story is very detailed, and it builds up heavily in the queue. The theming is just jaw-dropping, and so are the scare actors. 10/10!
  2. The BASEMENT: I'll admit it, this was one of the worst houses. It was fun, but it didn't scare me, there was just a lot of blood and gore. The only scary thing about it was the feeling in my stomach after I exited. 7/10
  3. Circus of Superstition 3D - The Last Laugh: While this one really got my heart pumping, I feel like they could've taken the 3-D approach a whole lot further. Still a fun house! 8/10.
  4. Dead Fall - Thirst for Blood: I really enjoyed the idea. The whole house is elaborate, scary, and overall great. But one problem; it's way to short. 7.5/10.
  5. Zombie Mortuary: This was my favorite besides Unearthed. It's long, scary, very detailed, and overall a wonderful experience. The whole house just gives me the willies the whole way through. 9/10. 
  6. Death Water Bayou: Every single one of the elements in this house were awesome. I really enjoyed the end, where the scare actors are on swings, and they jump out at you from a hollowed-out tree. I know it sounds cheap, but it's very unique and scary. 8.5/10
  7. Zombie Containment Unit 15 - Moving Targets: I have only one thing to say about this one; if you don't like A) strobe lights, B) dub step music, or C) long lines, skip this one. 6/10.
I'll end this report with the trailer for the event. Thanks for reading!

This video contains blood, gore, and some scary moments. Viewer discretion is advised.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Some Magic Kingdom Photos for You

 So last week I went to the Magic Kingdom at Disney, and I took some pics. If you want to see the full trip report on Theme Park Review,Click HEREI'm only posting a few shots, mostly of the rides. I know that you're be absolutely devastated that you can't see my beautiful photographic works of art, but at least you get to see the good ones! And here they are: 
Sign at the entrance

Seven Dwarf's Mine Train

Haunted Mansion (loading zone)

Tomorrowland Speedway entrance sign

Space Mountain (seen from Tomorrowland Stage)

Splash Mountain (seen from Rivers of America bridge)

Hope you liked the pictures! As always, thanks for reading, and see you next time!

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Welcome to my Blog!

Howdy everyone!
   Let me start my first post by introducing myself. how can I make this interesting? Gimme a sec...OK, here we go. Hi! My name is Dominic, and I am an avid theme park traveler. I like to draw cartoons, watch Netflix, play guitar, and ride roller coasters. This blog is all about my life, from theme parks to regular life. I will post some trip reports, ride reviews, stuff from my life, cartoons and sketches, Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 creations, plus a few other surprises. I'm gonna keep this post short to make room for big things! See you on the other side, folks!